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12 June 2014 @ 04:39 pm

So... I've been using this form builder for some time now, and i realize just how easy i can get the info i want. It took some twists and turns, but in the end i can say now i'm definitely a skilled navigator with this site. It all started at my workplace when i needed to collate manpower databases from old contacts, and gather new and fresh manpower for future uses. I was exploring different options on the web and came across Jotform as an alternative to the ever so popular Google forms, just because i needed an upload image function, which till this date i do not know if Google forms provide them. Jotform allows me to customize my very own field requirements, on top of their popular templates. This gives me a basis on which i can further develop, which i think is a good idea since if given a blank piece of template, many a times we do not know how to work them out as well.

I started realising more and more fields that can be added into the form and there was where i managed to build a form of my own, to facilitate my work requirements, and thus coming up with a form that is comprehensive enough for end users to input their data.

Kudos to Jotform and their team for creating such a platform for form building and creation! :D
08 January 2011 @ 11:00 am

不知不觉2011年已经过了7天了哦!真的是时间不留人... 叹...
music of my life: Dream High Casts - Dream High
08 October 2010 @ 10:25 pm
JUST BEFORE the SHOCK of how BEAST WON, I felt like I was gonna BREAK DOWN because I was going CRAZY waiting for the results! They looked so SHOCKed, as if their win was such a MYSTERY that they couldn’t feel their BREATH YET. DESPITE HOLDING ON to their tears while CLENCHING WITH A TIGHT FIST, it was EASY to see these SPECIAL boys were going through an OASIS of emotions. They didn’t forget to thank the MASTERMINDs that helped make “BEAST is the B2ST” a reality though! Well, since BAD GIRL I knew that all of U were VERY IMPORTANT. There’s no way anyone can SAY NO to your AWESOOMness.
*credits: password486@tumblr

I'm a proud B2UTY

Ever since their debut, I've never thought of them as top A class idols. When I was 1st introduced to them, I didn't give them polite remarks. "they sound like bigbang" and "aren't they just bigbang and oneday rejects??" leisurely escaped my mouth. I guess everyone really need to look further more to realise their worth. Starting with mere Bad Girl performances every week, I grew to be more and more captivated by their perfect lives and stage presence. I remember how I anticipated so much for their 2nd album comeback. I remember how I screamed so loudly and hard for their mcountdown 1st ever precious win on 100325. But the feelings were never this real.

People looked at music bank and inkigayo wins as real wins. So much so that I wanna deny this fact, beast's 1st win on mcountdown didn't seem to sink in as much compared to this time round. I always knew. From their debut till now, after many many times of being captivated and mesmerised by their perfect lives, they'll make it big. They'll show those antis they have what it takes to be on top, because they so have. Haters, out of the door please!!! BECAUSE MUSIC BANK 101008 WIN IS SO SO SO SO MEANINGFUL AND DAEBAK!!!

I was at na's house tday. And was totally worried. Their competitor was 2ne1 who pushed everyone to the side when they cameback. Even se7en and boa were pushed off. These 4 yg ladies have all it takes. But our boys were up for a competition. And we're not going to lose this time. Yesterday we lost by a mere 1 point, we'll get everything back today. It's the unspoken truth mnet is biased. Whatever. They just are. Last's MAMA Awards is a good proof. Music bank is the day!

When I saw the figures popping out during the results show, I held my breath. Honestly, I forgot how to even breathe at tt moment. And WHEN BEAST'S SCORE STARTED JUMPING UP INSTEAD OF 2NE1'S, I SCREAMED. NA SCREAMED. WE HUGGED EACH OTHER AND SCREAMED SO SO LOUD. BOYS!! U MADE IT! DID U SEE THAT??? 

Seob said winning is not important. But to us b2uties, winning is important. Pushing you boys to the top is important. Because seeing ur smiles when u win, is the most precious. Don't thank us. Coz we did it for you, with the mindset that you guys worth so much, deeply engraved in our hearts. 100325 and 101008. The dates that are forever engraved in our hearts. 101010 Inkigayo... Will we make miracles again??   
21 September 2010 @ 06:23 pm
This is the first time, I felt so strongly for a group. They are not the ones who brought me into this whole kpop fandom. Definitely not. But growing with them gives me a totally different and new insight. I guess fandom is all about this. You grow with a band, as compared to liking them when they've already succeeded, I guess, is totally different. I guess this is why I treat shinee and beast so differently. When you see beast, from a nobody, to best rookie award on 100203, the 19th Seoul Music Awards, to first win on 100325, to 1st overseas promotions, to seeing them face to face, seeing and experiencing their live performances, to anticipating with your whole heart about their comeback, you gradually walk a yr, two yrs and even more with them, experiencing their joys and pain.

I'll never forget who brought me into kpop, and just because of this, I have playlists just for them. And to this group whom I've grown with for a year, I'll continue supporting you for a long long time. Forever is a word I dare not use. But meeting you, I can promise a forever. When people talk bad about you, when antis do all it takes to just destroy you, when ignorant people just think negatively about you, it makes my heart break. And I know. This is because I hold you all close to my heart. So close that everytime I hear those comments, it tears my heart into pieces. Many many pieces with each loving you all so so much. 

I never knew you guys would do this to my heart, engulfing it as a whole since day one, since I tried remembering your names through bad girl performances, to learning your tough road to debut through MTV b2st, to watching weekly music shows and year end award ceremonies, seeing you all move from bad girl to mystery, then letting my love spread even more as the days went past. To anticipating your 2nd album comeback, which was after a short break, to laughing with MTV beast almighty, to finally getting the news of your precious first win. It was a day, I cried with you. In my heart, this was all I wished for. Until you moved from shock to special, how I didn't like the song from the start, to finally loving it after performances and performances. You guys make wonders to my heart. And as each day passes by, more and more portions of love is accumulated.

And finally, knowing that I can get to see you face to face, to experiencing your legendary good lives, to finally, that one 'go ma wo' which still melts my heart even to this point. All that I've experienced, this one whole good year, made me grow from calling you rejects, to acknowledging that yes! So what if you're so called rotten apples that are being recycled? As long as you are able to succeed, I'll make the antis finish the rotting apples down!

Always tying the 'second placing' tags with them, they walked so far to prove that they are worth your love. 

Yoon Doojoon, from a member who almost debuted with 2ONEDAY, he could have been even more famous if he made it. But he didn't. But what makes him so much more precious is that he is willing to try again. He is not willing to just give up even if he got kicked out. 

Jang Hyunseung, from a member SO-1 who almost debuted in Bigbang. He didn't make it, he wandered for a year, he doubted himself. But he returned to cube, begging to be accepted. What makes him so precious is his dazed expression after first win. He must've been asking himself: so is this the taste of winning? The feeling that I could've gotten a few years back? 

Yong Junhyung, debuted in Xing before. I regard stars who debut a second time highly. This doesn't necessarily mean you don't have what it takes to be a star previously. This just means that you need to change yourself. From a Xing member, to an unknown rapper, to finally making it big in Beast, he've walked a really long way. 

Yang Yoseob, who moved from Mboat to Cube. He almost debuted with Daniel as Soulmates, but he did not. He has all it takes to be a star. He practiced so hard in his dance that he even made it to become a dancer. His resilience made me admire in awe and wonder just how a cute little boy like him can have such a huge resilience. 

Lee Kikwang, formally a solo artiste AJ. It sometimes make me wonder. Under his bright smile, does he really not mind this second debut? His cheerful outer appearence might be deceiving. Coz it not only once occured to me, especially seeing past AJ performances... Does he really not mind? But his smiles just proved he seems even more happy to have made it in beast. That does not mean he couldn't have succeeded with AJ, it just means he needed to find another way around. 

Son Dongwoon, formally a trainee under JYP. He watched his friends debut in envy, constantly asking himself why can't he get chances like this as well. If you've just watched the first episode of MTV b2st, you'll realise. Under those clear eyes lies an ever strong will. If not for that strong will, he'll not have asked for another chance. Another chance to prove that he can do it. His determination brought him all the way here.

Precious first anniversary is here. Following your footsteps to where you all are now, I can conclude proudly that I've never regretted the decision of becoming a b2uty. Because you've taught me many many lessons that I'll have used a lifetime to discover.
091016, you debuted with bad girl on music bank.
100203, you won the best rookie award at 19th Seoul Music Awards 
100305, you cameback with shock. 
100325, your ever so precious first win. 
100930, your mastermind comeback 
101008, your so so mesmerising 1st music bank win aka 2nd win overall 
101016, your precious first year anniversary.
Having walked one year with you, I'm willing to walk down the many many more years to come with you. B2uty and the b2st. Let's form more and more beautiful memories together!!

Along with success of 4minute, he had decided to send out a boy group after the girl group. Six members from different experiences and personalities gathered together to make BEAST. BEAST gained popularity beautifully with a strong beastly force. “BEAST members suffered a lot of hardships. These kids basically had the second place rank tied to their tails.”

The leader Yoon Doojoon and Maknae Son Dongwoon had to watch their fellow 2PM and 2AM members who spent their trainee times together at JYP reach success, Jang Hyunseung was eliminated from becoming the final member of Big Bang, Yong Junhyung had been active through the group XING, Yang Yoseob had stayed a trainee for the longest time moving here and there, and Lee Kikwang was able to debut solo as AJ after long trainee times.

“All of them had sadness and loneliness. I wanted to make these kids first place. Since they all had their own managements and different situations, it wasn’t easy trying to fit these kids into a composition they wanted. Because of their old images from past managements and experiences of failure, these kids didn’t easily come to me and I couldn’t easily approach them. In addition, they couldn’t just come to me because of my trust. However, I gathered the kids together with the rewarding thought of bringing these wounded kids success.”

Honestly, I even declined Junhyung and Yoseob because they were different from what I thought them to be like. However they said to me, 'I have nowhere to go if it isn’t here, I will come back so accept me then', showing how passionate they were. I think BEAST comes to exist today because of the effort and the passion the kids put into stand up from their pain.”

For now, the only way to see BEAST is through the members on variety programs, but the public will be able to see them near the end of July. “With BEAST fans reaching more than 100,000, I’m planning to have a global showcase for a scale of 10,000 fans to match the comeback near the end of July where even fans overseas can participate in. There also is a female solo debut in between as well. Even though the music industry is pushing forward faster comebacks because of the shorter term period, but I think it is important to give the kids a break and also have more time to prepare for the next album.”

taken frm: b2strising.com


after reading this, i kinda was happy tt beast weren't under SM or JYP. i mean, huge companies(other than YG) dun seem to care about the welfare of their artiste... what they care about most is how to earn alot, and how to keep their artiste out of trouble frm the press. 

these boys all carried scars with them as they debuted. yet we only recognise their cool and happy images on stage. its seldom do we suddenly realise they could have been even more successful! they were rejected once, but it was CUBE which gave them a second chance. what Hong CEO said was so true: "These kids basically had the second place rank tied to their tails." these painful memories can never be wiped off easily. only if they become even more successful, then will they be able to tell themselves they finally succeeded.

when i see articles like these, my heart gets torn apart, thinking how cheerfully they smiled on screen, thinking what if they cried alot to sleep when they first debuted because of the harsh remarks of netizens. thinking what if they alr got used to ppl calling them ~rejects? what if... ... i myself called them rejects before. oneday-rejects, bigbang-rejects... but i truely regret my words now. they just proved to me they have so much more to give to us in terms of their skills in dancing and singing. they are good!

rest well beast coz the whole army(as quoted. ^^) of b2uties will be waiting for your comeback!! the important thing is get decent rests and charge the powers up. ur comeback might be threatened by shinee or bigbang or 2ne1 or se7en. bu who cares? u don't need to get the first to prove that you can do it. and b2uties will make sure u get to the top so worry not. :D 100325-1st win never to be forgotten. :P we'll make so many more of these happy moments some true. :) 

are u ready for some BEASTly action? :D


boy, u better rest like NOW!!!!! i hate seeing articles of u having to be rushed to hospital coz u don't know how to take care of urself. >< i wouldn't be at all touched if u were recording the album and fell sick just because of tt. i wanna be touched when u stand on stage healthily, singing for the thousands of us plus me, tearing up or not, anw... i'll be touched like tt. boy. u are so precious so STOP TIRING URSELF TO THE MAXIMUM POINT!!!!!

i miss you alr now... ... can i go to tt hospital like now? 
01 June 2010 @ 05:46 pm





《灰姑娘的姐姐》是真的~~~~~非常得好看。不然我也不会一口气看了18集啊!:) 真的不是开玩笑的。好喜欢好喜欢好喜欢!真希望我不是真的悲剧主义者哦~ 喜欢悲剧,喜欢写悲剧,喜欢听悲伤的歌曲。我真的不是啦~

끝! ^^
18 December 2009 @ 08:54 pm

Table: $50
Key's Autograph: $100
Key's FAIL: Priceless.

this is how i totally loved it!! :) 
enjoy KEY's fail!! :)
18 December 2009 @ 08:35 pm
omg i must be totally insane to blog TWICE tonight. but i just wanna revive this stuff a little.

i realize just by hoping onto mel's blog how much i've missed in her life. well i guess i was blinded by god-knows-what. i blogged first about my new found love for BEAST, how they so are gonna rock the world in the near future coz they have the power stages and wonderful 6-men spirit. but i'm gonna admit that i'm also slowly forgetting the very thing that led me into kpop.

i just have to admit i'm so careless to let it slip. it crushes my heart every time i see them on allkpop again. coz it seems to me it's gonna be a bad news all over again. i wished everything will just pop and disappear after a night of good sleep. but no. this is reality. things take time to heal. so do relationships.

its the FIVE we're talking about. not two or three that just flashes past like this. i've been so out of touch for these FIVE that i've been forgetting that very thing that made me fall into them. i guess this is my time lag. but truly speaking, mel's blog and whatever she wrote on it reminded me of my passion that i once had. and i'm pretty sure will go on until they step away.

2009 hasn't been good for me. never. it's also never any better for them. they rocked the stage last year. they fell and now still up till now. i guess i was really touched when i saw Cassiopeia: "just as the thousands were shouting for Jaebeom to come back during DREAM CONCERT 2009, there were also thousands of us, who silently ranted DBSK out loud-in our hearts..." yea. media can forget about them when they've disappeared for a long time, but fans won't. and i promise i won't. :) yes i'm a proud CASSIOPEIA cum BIGEAST. :) 

for the many tired of waiting, just listen to their heart-warming songs. u'll find back the very thing that touched you. no matter if this time it meant DBSK or 2PM. never tired of waiting and always keep the faith! :)



"Wang Biho's statement toward the BEAST members aired recently on KBS 2TV Gag Concert is quite an issue now, huh? Were you all upset? However, it seems like those harsh words acted to prove the reason why our BEAST boys had to stand up again after their failure. Regardless, many emotions intertwined as we saw our fans violently complaining toward this issue. We truly learned that we now have strong support to accompany on our journey ahead.

As the world does not have a forever winner, the world also does not have a forever loser. The members of BEAST had to sweat out the pain received from their failure and worked even harder.

In youth, what could have those tears they shed during their painful pasts meant to the members? The "truth" that states that the world is only for the winners? Is that why these boys are practicing at late night, even today, to become the winners? Their hearts don't just desire to be the winners, but desperately desire to be the best on their music and stages more than anyone else.

Because BEAST has risen again after those downfalls, their pride is unshakable. Now, the members will create explosive synergies to prove that they have what it takes.

I now feel the indescribable energy from the members. The reason oceans never rot is because they always keep the constant 3% ratio of salt. If those painful pasts full of ups and downs don't take the majority of the members' lives, don't you think they are now ready to shake up the world with powerful strikes of waves?

I promise to all of you who wish the best for our BEAST. We will never disappoint anyone and prove the tears we have shed will now work as fertilizers to bring us harvest. Their songs and stages, as if those salty seawater going through changes to rain on the dry earth, we will always work our best to soak ourselves deeply in your heart. "

credits: allkpop

so what if they are rotten apples? their songs are so much better than some of the good and crunchy apples we see in the mart.
If you've seen their sweat and tears, these statments are nothing. I believe they are prepared to stay strong no matter what other comments hurt them once again.
i've called BEAST ONEDAY/BIGBANG rejects before. and i truly regret it now.
they stand smiling broadly on stage now, showing their confidence only after having strive pass these hurtful comments. surely, wang biho's not the first.
B2ST is the BEST so start your heads rolling at the start of Mystery! :)


i'm suddenly brought back to reminisce the DBSK times. in japan. where their 1st concert only touched the hearts of a few 1000(s). but they've stayed strong as five throughout the period to prove to Asia they can do so much more. this time round. please stay strong as FIVE again. my Christmas wish is to see u FIVE in this year's Gayo Daejun again. is it possible?... ...
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music of my life: BEAST - Despite Holding On (radio rip)
16 December 2009 @ 11:13 pm

Well, i'm almost finishing this book!! :) it's never been the case where i picked up an English book and never wanted to put it down. many times i'll get bored altogether because there's somewhere in this book i call the 'have to get over and done with' part, its the most boring, but u know u can't miss it or not the story would never be as complete as it was meant to be. this book is all about friendships. girl talk here. :)

I've witnessed what i thought strong friendships should have been through this book. it gave me a whole new light into what 'pulling through thick and thin' meant. from the young and naive 14 to the 40s, w only life and death parting to divide them physically, but never mentally. Tully and Kate pulled through all. they may look and act like sun and moon, being completely different from each other, but when it comes to talking things out and having a girls heart-to-heart talk, they'll spill everything out to each other. nothing came in between them-not even boys.

this book reminds me of the friends i had and am still having. they were great buds when it came to sharing our interest together. we could talk non-stop about the things we liked in common. i may not know what she's up to these days, but if i'm willing to find out, she's willing to tell everything to me. i aspire to keep this cherished friendship just like how Kate and Tully had it. until out ripe old age, rocking on the chairs, reminiscing our youthful days...

if u have friends who didn't mind your sinking mouth in the morning, didn't mind how u looked when u're tired, didn't mind if ur singing was horrible, didn't mind if u threw a tantrum on one of your worst days, who didn't mind you keeping quiet for the whole day when u din feel like talking, who didn't mind sharing your greatest joy on earth, by simply hugging you and smiling together until tears welled up, trust me, u've found a friend for life. there are many many more friends do for each other which simply couldn't be jotted down in simple words.

i truly treasure each and everyone i hold dearly to in my heart. u are God's greatest gift to me.
01 December 2009 @ 12:57 pm

covered by Yang Yoseob from BEAST @ Starry Night Radio
Original by Eric Benet

Maybe we need just a little more time
Time that can heal what's been on your mind
We can find what we lost before it all slips away
We need time to mend from the mistakes I've made
God only knows what a heart can survive
So many tears from all the pain in our lives
And where else could we go after all we've been through
I still believe my life is right here with you

So just hold on
And it wont take long
I hope that you can love me
When the pain is gone
I don't want us to fall through the
cracks of a broken heart
don't want us to fall through the
cracks of your broken...

I know it's taking a while but every lesson, I've learned
And if your heart speaks tonight, I'll hear every word
If you want to be free I'll never stand in your way
But with all that I am, I'm asking you to stay

Hold on
And it wont take long
I hope that you can love me
When the pain is gone
I don't want us to fall through the
cracks of a broken heart
don't want us to fall through the
cracks of a broken heart

There's a light that can burn
It exists in the heart
You can feel it when you know love is true
If we could try to be strong
And keep the light burning long
It took a lifetime but I found it in you

Hold on
And it wont take long
I hope that you can love me
When the pain is gone
I don't want us to fall through the
cracks of a broken heart
don't want us to fall through the
cracks of a broken heart

other versions...

covered by Onew from SHINee @ Sukira Kiss the Radio

covered by Taeyang from BigBang @ 2008 Taeyang Hot (Solo) Concert

whose version do u like most? :) For me, ain't the answer obvious? :) Yoseobie's one lorr... :P
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25 November 2009 @ 11:26 am

Music Playlist at MixPod.com

12 November 2009 @ 01:01 pm

The Interview. :P whole passage below...

On the show, JYP said:

"When the news about his anti-Korean statements were first released, I believed that the level of criticism against him was too harsh. I mean, people petitioned for his death. But public opinion changed to 'the translation was misleading and he did not do anything wrong' after he left for States, as if he actually did not do any wrong. His thoughts and mine on this matter are the same - it is somewhere in between. He did not do such great wrong but it is a matter serious enough that we cannot just ignore and pretend it didn't happen. It was a great mistake. Especially for a person who sings, dances and performs art. We are the ones who connect two different cultures and he cannot disrespect people of different culture like that. I believe that his expressions were very wrong

Is Jaebeom a bad person? No, he is very nice. But back then, his attitude was quite unpleasant, telling me in my face that he can succeed only if he doesn't get a song written by me. But I liked Jaebeom despite his attitude because he never lied, he was always truthful - and he kept changing. Now, he is a different person from who he was back then. I do agree then Jaebeom of the past has hurt too many Koreans with harsh expressions and he thinks the same. That is why he couldn't get on the stage because of shame. But you see, other members still have to perform, and he did not want to drag 2PM down. That is why he said "Hyung, I want to go back to States." If I was him, I think I would have made the same decision.

If him and I thought that accusations against him were wrong then we would have fought for him until the end. But he himself thinks that he did a great wrong. If the media and the fans feel any love for Jaebeom then the best they could do is let him be. He is taking time to regret and think over his wrongs so letting him do so would be helpful.

What can I do while he does so? Help him continue taking dancing and singing lessons to continue training as an artist. When he says that he wants to be back on stage, then I will help him do so. When he comes back, he will come back as a part of 2PM, the members love others very much. Neither him nor the members want him to return as a solo artist."

There we go folks, JYP hasn't given up on Jaebeom but he wants to respect his decision of seclusion in Seattle until Jaebeom wants to come back. For now, it seems the best course of action is to leave Jaebeom alone. Stay tuned to allkpop as 2PM continues their journey without leader Jaebeom for the time being.

All Credits go to: allkpop. Video credits to: time2sub2
What JYP said was true and it really touched me. :) WAY TO GO Jaebeom WAY TO GO 2PM!!!
When everyone else is condemning JYP, i had faith. 
coz he did not seem like someone who would ditch his artistes. Like KYM of SME... ><
but still...
never jump to conclusions too quickly. since you dunno the full set of details.
gosh... i feel old... wagagaga...
ain't feeling too good while typing this post.
feel like my nose will drop down any time sooner...
too little deep thoughts these days.
feel weak... tsk...
D-Day for me is 16nov...
D-Day for THEM is 12nov, today...
where would i go?
where would THEY head to?
What is your HEART BEATing for? 
~~Listen to my HEART BEAT~~
What is my HEART BEATing for? 
It's beating for THEM ah~~

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11 October 2009 @ 05:18 pm







15 September 2009 @ 10:09 pm
It is the darkest right before the sun rises.
Therefore no matter how dark it is, you should not be afraid.
If you wait a little more, the sun will rise.
The darker it gets, the closer it is to light.
-Kang Hae Bin @ Heading to the Ground.